25 Countries With the Best Air Quality

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By J. E. Hinners, MD MPH

GrenadaHow does your country’s air quality measure up?

Here are the 25 countries with the best air quality scores, according to the Environmental Performance Index:

#1 Ranking Countries, Air Quality = 100


#8 Ranking Country, Air Quality 99.88

 Rank 8

#9 Ranking Country, Air Quality 99.67

Rank 8

#10 Ranking Country, Air Quality 99.64

Rank 10

#11 Ranking Country, Air Quality 99.28

Rank 11

#12 Ranking Countries, Air Quality 99.04

Rank 12

#14 Ranking Country, Air Quality 98.85

Rank 14

#15 Ranking Countries, Air Quality 98.33

Rank 15

#24 Ranking Country, Air Quality 98.2

Rank 24

#25 Ranking Country, Air Quality 98.13


Rank 25

The U.S. ranked #38 (Air Quality 96.41), and Canada ranked #28 (Air Quality 97.85). The country with the worst air quality score was Bangladesh, at #178 (Air Quality 13.83), followed by Nepal, China, Pakistan, and India.

Didn’t see your country listed? Find your country’s ranking and air quality score at the Environmental Performance Index listing HERE!

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